Enable Voice seeks to bring together a mixed group of people with first hand experience of living with a disability or life long condition, their family, friends and carers, to ensure their voice and experience is included in discussions around service design and delivery on the island.

That is not just about Government policy but also about issues in the wider community and business sector too.

It is essential that peoples stories and experiences are captured and valued equally. Enable Voice brings people together to monitor, advocate, raise awareness, and to educate the island on issues and collaborates to help inform policy based on the lived experience that each member brings to the group.

We want to provide a safe, supportive environment to capture these essential messages and support everyone to contribute in whatever way they are able. Everyone has something to offer, the challenge is ours to find a way.

How it works

  • Meet People
  • Safe & Protected
  • Share Experiences
  • Structured Conversation
  • Identify Issues
  • Advocate for Change
  • Critical Friend

We know timing and venue is key so will look to meet flexibly to try and provide different forums that will allow as many people as possible to engage. These will include:

– Face to Face and virtual meetings.
– Individual & Small Group Meetings.
– An Online Community.

Forums are generally non condition or age based but if a more specific conversation is needed then we can do that too. For instance, maybe a group for men or younger adults would be helpful?

We need you to work with us so that Enable Voice works for you so do please get in touch and help us shape the future.