Leave a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift to Enable Jersey in your Will, you can help to make a positive difference to the lives of disabled people in Jersey.

We rely completely on the generosity and goodwill of public donations. We know that your first priority is to look after your loved ones and it is important for you to talk to them about your wishes and the reason why you might choose to leave a gift to us.

If you’re thinking of leaving us a gift in your will, the information below may help you.

What is a Will and why should I write one?

A Will is a legal document that outlines your last wishes. It ensures they will be carried out in the way you intend and that the people and causes you care about will be provided for.

How do I write a Will and make a bequest?

We recommend working with a specialist Jersey solicitor to make sure your Will is legally sound.

What information will I need?

The details that you lawyer will need are:
Name of charity: Enable Jersey
Address: Warwick Farm, La Grande Route de Saint Jean, Jersey

Can I amend my existing Will to include a bequest to Enable Jersey?

Yes. It’s really straightforward. Speak to your solicitor about including a gift to Enable Jersey and they will add an extra clause – known as a codicil – to your Will.

What are the tax benefits of bequeathing to a charity in my Will?

There are no tax benefits or implications as Jersey doesn’t have inheritance tax like the UK and other jurisdictions.

Do I need to inform Enable Jersey of my gift?

It is entirely up to you. We love to have the opportunity to thank people who make the generous decision to include us in their Will. Any recognition of your gift is at your discretion.

We will always treat any conversation you have with us as confidential.